Disneyland Paris Theme Park: 10 Places Not to be Missed

What is the best destination for a family vacation? For many families around the world the answer to this question is Disneyland Theme Park. Also known as Euro Disney, the park is thrilling to children of all ages. Even adults can’t resist Disney’s charms, which makes it the ideal place where to spend time together and have happy memories. Euro Disney princess castle, roller coasters, adventure rides have won universal acclaim. As there are dozens of attractions in Disneyland Paris Theme Park, it’s better to plan your tour in advance. Check out our Top-10 Disneyland Paris attractions and decide which ones to visit this time!

1. Sleeping Beauty Castle

The iconic, Gothic styled building is located at the very heart of Disneyland Paris Theme Park. Euro Disney princess castle makes every visitor gasp – its spires and turrets transfer you into a fairytale. It is the right place to start or to end the Disneyland tour, unforgettable memories are guaranteed!

2. Sleeping Beauty Gallery

When admiring the facade, don’t forget that Euro Disney princess castle can also be visited inside! The interior features tapestries, ornate columns and stained glass windows with scenes from 1959 Disney film. Whatever your age, you will feel the magic of the place!

3. Princess Pavilion

Meeting the Disney characters is the biggest fun for the smallest visitors. There are currently 11 official Disney princesses, who will meet you and your children in the Princess Pavilion. You can take photos with princesses while listening to music from unanimously loved cartoons.

4. Alice’s Curious Labyrinth

If your children are dreaming about falling down the Rabbit’s Hole, don’t forget to visit this attraction! Curious labyrinth, inhabited by magical creatures, will bring you right to the Queen of Hearts’ Castle.

5. Meet Mickey Mouse

In Disneyland Paris Theme Park you can visit a magician Mickey Mouse right in his dressing room! Mickey Mouse will show your children:

  • magic tricks;
  • film costumes;
  • magic tools used by many Disney characters.

And remember, no visitor leaves without a photo with Mickey Mouse!

6. Phantom Manor

Not all Disneyland Paris attractions are about princesses. Phantom Manor, alternatively known as the Haunted Mansion, will give you some goosebumps! Disneyland Paris Haunted Mansion hides dark and bloody secrets – only those who are brave enough will make it to the end!

7. Indiana Jones™ and the Temple of Peril

There are special Disneyland Paris attractions for those who are passionate about old ruins. The Indiana Jones roller coaster takes you through a lost temple in the jungle. At one moment it seems to go out of control and the adventure begins!

8. Liberty Arcade

An homage to Walt Disney’s motherland, Liberty Arcade tells the story of the Liberty Monument. It is one of those Disneyland Paris attractions, where you can relax and stroll down the street before embarking on a next adventure.

9. Peter Pan Ride

Some Disneyland Paris attractions are truly magical, and Euro Disney Peter Pan Ride is one of them. You will go through the nursery right into the London’s night sky and then – to Neverland, where Peter Pan is fighting vicious Captain Hook.

10. Storybook Land Canal Boats

This boat ride is particularly favoured by smaller kids, but can also be of interest to schoolchildren. The boat passes through the canal, which features various Disney film settings. The settings include, to name but a few:

  • village of Arendelle and Elsa’s Ice Palace from Frozen;
  • underwater castle from The Little Mermaid;
  • the cave of wonders and the Sultan’s palace from Aladdin.

Disneyland Paris Theme Park is quite compact, so you can quickly get from one attraction to another. There is also a second park nearby, called Euro Disney Walt Disney Studios, dedicated to show business and featuring behind-the-scenes sets. However, we advise you to get to know Disneyland Paris attractions first, especially if you are travelling with smaller children.

Recently refurbished for its 25th anniversary, Disneyland Paris Theme Park is now better than ever. Entertaining and lovely Disneyland Paris attractions and well-thought-out infrastructure make it the perfect place to be with your family. If you are thinking about booking a tour, check out our offer – Day in Disneyland, which includes comfortable transfer and unlimited access to the park!

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